Behind The Hummingbird


OK so I’m sure some of you are wondering “What’s up with all the hummingbird stuff??”, and even if you haven’t been wondering, well I’m going to tell you anyway!

I have a long history of self harm, it has been a 13yr battle, and I have nearly a year* SELF HARM FREE BABY!! WHOOP WHOOP!! Anyway, I have always wanted tattoos, I see them as beautiful works of art that you get to carry around with you always. And I wanted to have tattoos that had meanings for me, and I wanted to have them cover some of my worst areas of scarring.

I got my first tattoos in 2012, a black anchor on my left wrist and a black outline of a heart on my right wrist, to represent “HOPE” and “LOVE”. And that whenever I needed to be reminded to have hope for myself and my future, and to love myself no matter what, all I had to do was look at my wrists.

I have always felt that the relationship between the tattoo artist and the client, is important and sacred. You are trusting this person, allowing them to leave their mark on your skin, to have their artwork carried around with you forever. And they get to see you up close and personal. I would never have someone tattoo me if I didn’t feel a connection to them. No matter how much the price varied.

Which brings me to, Victoria Rose. My tattoo artist.

She is a beautiful woman, both inside and out (she has some seriously beautiful tattoos and is a very sweet soul), and thanks to her I now have SEVEN** gorgeous tattoos!

Victoria Rose is the artist behind the hummingbird. He sits on my upper left arm, just above my elbow. He has no name, but he supports me all the time. Hummingbirds represent overcoming difficult times, hummingbirds are beautiful but many people don’t realise that they must fight to survive. My Hummingbird has an open birdcage beside him, representing freedom and sheer joy.

My Hummingbird is my favourite of all my tattoos. Sitting below the typical length of a tshirt sleeve, most people see him first and everyone simply loves how beautiful and striking he is.

So, when I was figuring out what to use to represent myself as an artist, I knew instantly that it would be my hummingbird.

Thankyou Victoria Rose. Have a look at her website, Victoria Rose Tattoo & Art
She also has an awesome Instagram account, @victoriarosetattoo

hummingbirdIG.pngAnd LOOK! We are even on it!

*At time of publishing, March 14th ’17, I have over 10 months! Go ME!!
** At time of publishing I have seven. I have plans with Victoria Rose to have an eighth from her, and another from a different, yet equally talented, lovely lady Jamiee Butters, for another – she ran a  competition on Facebook for a voucher for a My Little Pony themed tattoo. I won Runner Up and scored a $100 voucher! We have worked on a design and we’ve been chatting and she is a beautiful artist!

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