My Art Work (Now Open for Commissions!)

So I am an “artist”, or at least I like to pretend I am. Please don’t burst my bubble, I like sitting here in my cotton candy scented bubble on my pink and purple unicorn. Anywho, at the moment I am making collages mostly, and I use a variety of materials. Magazine cuttings, glitter, various papers (wrapping paper, tissue paper etc), RHINESTONES!!!, stickers, washi tape etc.

Art, Collages & Other

I make art collages! It’s very different to scrapbooking (call me a scrapbooker and I’ll smack you with a fish! I mean I have friends who are scrapbookers, but it’s just NOT ME!). The ones featured so far are either ones I’ve made for myself or as gifts for friends.


So, look, I’m not going to be making a million dollary-doos from anything I make, sadly that’s life. BUT I really want to share my work with others. I have a variety of pages sizes (A5-A3), type of paper (water colour paper, visual diary paper etc) in a range of 180-300gsm weights.

If you’d like to have a collage made for you or a friend or something else. I can make a “positive poster” or more personal one. I have all things glittery and even weird “non glittery” things.

I love making things for people. I also enjoy adding rhinestones to pretty much everything.

Get in touch with me for a quote!