Franklin & Alvin, Support Personnel

So I have a couple unpaid interns* who assist me in making this blog what it is, but also help me get through the day.

First, let me tell you about the longer serving assistant, Franklin the Emotional Support Cloud (ESC).

From left to right: The day we met, in a funny little store in the CBD; Franklin seeing the sights on a day out with me; Netflix and chill-ing with me on his day off; And the time he got a bit too obsessed with Tom Selleck and sported a moustache for awhile.

So Franklin* and I took up one day when I was roaming the major shopping centre in town. I was with my Mermaid friend, and we were searching for art collage supplies. I have found some really sweet stuff in some very random places, don’t be deterred by the name of the store or what they might be selling, pop in and have a look-y-loo.

Anyway, I went to the counter to purchase my glitter washi tape and elephant document wallet, when a little box on the counter caught my eye. There was little Franklin. Just sitting there, smiling his sweet little smile. So he came home with me. And he has been a wonderful support to me ever since.

When I am going somewhere scary (read: anxiety triggering), or out alone, or even just at home if I feel lonely, he pins to my shirt and we go on adventures.

After spending a short time with Franklin, and realising how sweet and supportive he is, I decided to go back to that funny little store and see if he had any siblings. I left with 11 fellow ESCs. Oddly, all are male and all are nameless, they have to be named by their new best friend, the person they are adopted by.

Franklin and I have sent a few of his brothers off to people we think might need them.^


Now, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of Team Hummingbird:


Alvin the Octopus. He was born without a face. He is currently undergoing reconstructive surgery. We are currently choosing what size eyes he would like.

Alvin the Octopus was born quite recently. Erin acquired a 3D Printer (YES I will be getting unicorns made) and made little Alvin for me. “Alvin” is a German name and it means “Friend” (I’m REALLY into names and their meanings). He tragically was born an Albino octopus, he has eyebrows but they are require pigmentation. And we are currently deciding on eye size (as above).

Alvin is a sweet little fellow. He is very shy, but very intelligent. He doesn’t like speaking out loud, so often will whisper to me what he would like to say. The problem is, I don’t speak Octopus, yet.

At this point, Alvin and I are still getting to know each other. So as we further our friendship, I will update on his progress.


*It did not occur to me until much later after naming Franklin, that that is the same name as the husband of Eleanor Roosevelt, President Franklin Roosevelt.
^At time of writing, March 10th 2017, I have requested photos and the names of his brothers, there are still quite a few of his brothers who are waiting patiently for their adoption.