About Me: the Original Eleanor

My name is Eleanor Rose.

I make weird faces in photos

Twentysomething (more “something” than 20…) wannabe artist, I write (bad) prose and sometimes poetry. I make collages, sometimes paint and even less often I draw. I live in Australia – which I absolutely love.

Fun Facts!

  • I have a wonderful man, the love of my life, Mr Hippo.
  • I have a surrogate-little sister. She lives in a different country, but she’s my Space Princess and even though we’ve not met in person, she’s mine and I’m hers.
  • I love lipstick! (red is my go-to pick me up),
  • I’m a  Trekkie and a Whovian,
  • 90’s bitch, a sprinkling of Old Hollywood (Audrey Hepburn is my Queen, Fred Astaire is the King),
  • obsessed with unicorns and llamacorns,
  • Encrusts anything that stays still long enough in rhinestones and/or glitter.
  • I’m a bit of a big kid, I am “child-like” not “childish”.
  • I love a good chickflick but will also equally enjoy a good thriller or scifi flick (NOT HORROR. NEVER HORROR).
  • I am a pretty sensitive person, I used to think that was bad and I should try and develop a thicker skin but then I realised that being an emotional person, while can be annoying at times, it isn’t a character flaw.
  • Alice in Wonderland is my life (see below)
  • I talk a LOT.
  • I swear a LOT.
  • I love my furry kids (see below)
  • I LOVE MY LITTLE PONY! My favourite is Pinkie Pie and I have a large calf tattoo of her standing on a piece of cake with a party hat on.
  • I love tattoos, at time of publishing I have 8, with plans for more.
  • I am a coconut oil fanatic. It’s good for EVERYTHING it will literally change your life!
  • Franklin & Alvin, Support Personnel is where you can learn about the funny little creatures that keep me entertained.

I have a mental illness. Well… actually more than one. I have Bipolar Type 2, PTSD and Major Anxiety Disorder (which at the time of publication has manifested as agoraphobia and social anxiety. Yay!). I would like to make this clear: I have an illness, I am not my illness. There is a huge difference. My illness impacts my life, it can be very hard some days. And some of my posts won’t make any sense to anyone other than me.

I had originally intended that this would be a “business”, that I would make a business page, try and make some money, get my voice out there, be all professional like and such. But now I have realised, I am my business. My brain is my business. What comes out of my brain is my business. And I also realised, I am NOT a “professional” anything! And I shouldn’t try to be something I’m not. And if others don’t like it, well that’s their business!

I am still finding myself. I am still learning.


My idol, my superhero, the person I wish to be is: Lewis Carroll’s Alice. She has been with me throughout the best and the worst times of my life. In her I see strength, courage, curiosity, spirit and she is my hero. I collect different editions and copies of the two books (roughly 20 at last count) and I always have one copy on me at all times, it’s my bible.

I am the mother of three furry kids, Bear – a 16yo Fawn coloured Chihuahua (my main man), Tiffany (aka Tiffy) – a 3yo Tortieshell Kitty. She was a rescue and is an absolute joy, and finally the newest addition to our little family: Levi the Chiweenie puppy (Chiweenie = chihuahua x dachshund, it’s my new favourite word!) who was also a rescue and is unfortunately going through the teething phase (at time of this publishing) and so I’ve had to make my art/crafting/makeup supplies puppy proof (he grabbed a small bottle of blue glitter one day which I managed to get back, and another day he completely ruined an eyeliner pencil – how he didn’t end up with purple teeth is a mystery!). My furry-kids have their own Instagram (I REALLY like Instagram!), check it out here:


Oh also, you may have noticed, I like to talk. A lot. And I swear, a lot.


‘You must do the things you think you cannot do” – Eleanor Roosevelt

*It has only just occurred to me, after writing this page, that Franklin was the name of Eleanor Roosevelt’s husband, a former US President. Eerie.


Some of the names of my friends and family have been changed, for personal reasons. –