Round Two, Ding Ding.

img_2347Me after waking up from the attack and a dose of oxy,
with Mr Rainbow Wheatbag

Okay so 3am this morning I had another gallbladder attack. Mr Hippo heated Mr Rainbow Unicorn wheatbag and I fumbled with the oxycodone box.

After taking the tablet and curling around Mr Rainbow, praying and begging for sleep. I fell asleep and woke with my alarm at 8am, feeling like I had been hit by a freight train carrying the densest substance in the universe.

So I have made an ‘Emergency Bag‘. It has the oxycodone and ondansetron that the hospital gave me, a current list of my medications and their dosages + reasons why I take them, a spare copy of one of my MedicAlert wallet cards (which contains info on allergies and medical history etc), a wheatbag (not Mr Rainbow), a hot waterbottle including fluffy cover.

I am worried because I fairly often get these attacks in ‘clusters’ (so obviously more than one) and I really really hope and pray to every god ever, that I don’t get another attack.

I rang the hospital department that my consultation is with on the 25th July, cried and begged for a sooner appointment, but apparently they are only open on Tuesdays and the next one on the 18th is overbooked and the fact two severe attacks within 24hrs means nothing.

And also, this pain is majorly making me reconsider any future pregnancies.

Jokes aside, I am so so tired of this. Please someone make it stop. Please.


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