The Useless ER Trip

So you guys know that gallbladder I got that hates me? That broke off a rib and carved a shiv out of it, trying to stab me from the inside and kill me? Yeah, Gally.

So like 5something AM this morning, I wake up in excruciating pain with Biliary Colic (aka ‘gallbladder attack’). The pain was so bad that I had difficulties breathing, which started anxiety, further impeding my breathing.

Mr Hippo drove me to the ER at about 6am. I had to half crawl into the room because I could barely stand up, and I waited in the triage line, clutching my unicorn wheat bag to my stomach, and even though there was someone ahead of me, I managed to say ‘I can’t breathe’ and they put me to the head of the line. Then they put the wrist band on (pictured) so loose it kept slipping off.

I was given a clipboard and told to ‘follow the red line and take a seat’ then ushered through The Door (to the actual hospital). I followed the red line on the floor as instructed. I took a seat, cried a bit more, then a nurse came over and took my clipboard and went away.

Eventually they took notes on my situation and did my OBS (all good, just a little tachycardia) and then I got a ‘doctor’ who came over and took the same notes and then took me to a bed and prodded my abdomen. She then took my blood (very badly) and sent me back to the chair in the hallway (there were more than one empty beds), were I sat, and sobbed, and clutched my unicorn wheat bag.

The intern came back and gave me ibuprofen (it does nothing). Then gave me Ondansetron (I asked for Zofran – which is just the brand name for that drug – and she was like ‘what is that?’. I also asked for Motilium, which is an antiemetic, and was told ‘that’s for your bowel’ …. a quick drug search tells me otherwise …) and an Endone tablet. And then the intern told me my bloods were all fine and I could go home.

I started sobbing. A nurse came over to ask why? Because I am so tired of these attacks, they are getting more frequent and more severe (the last attack was just a fortnight ago) and I just was so tired of it. She said that there is nothing they can do about it, I have to either go through the private system or just wait it out with the public system. They gave me scripts and sent me home.

The world is so cruel.


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