Where has the week gone?

So according to my calendar, it’s Thursday! And for us Aussie folk, it’s heading towards the late afternoon! I honestly have a very skewed concept of time at the moment. And it’s not anything to do with the TMS, it’s a ‘pre-existing’ condition, so to speak.

Since I’ve been having all this anxiety stuff (call it what you will: agoraphobia, social anxiety, bitch, whatevs) my concept of time is almost non existent.

Before I came into hospital, I knew when it was:

Monday – because Mr Hippo had to go back to work.

Friday – because Mr Hippo comes home early on Fridays, finishes work early.
Weekends – because Mr Hippo was at home and we would do things (grocery shopping, etc)

And I also knew when to take my medication, because of the alarms on my phone.

But between those days, I couldn’t tell you what the day or date was. And I still can’t. I have my phone to tell the time and a calendar on my wall to tell the day, but I’m still struggling with the whole concept.

I have asked my psychiatrist if I should be concerned by this issue, and that I have some short term memory issues – again, not a result of TMS, again pre-existing – and he said not to worry too much but to ‘keep an eye on it’.


Oh also! I am getting into beading and necklace making. I’ve just ordered a bunch of supplies, I’m going to be making ‘kid-style meets foul-mouthed-adult’ necklaces with plastic beads in the shapes of hearts and stars (and simple round beads) and alphabet letters spelling funny phrases which will most of the time include some kind of swear word.


‘Be your fucking beautiful self’ and further along the other side ‘cray cray in the best way’ (which is my new motto).

This necklace shown above was made with the materials from the art rooms here at the hospital, my ones will look different once I get the supplies.

Anyway, off to make another stupid necklace!


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