20* Followers!

*Apparently I’m considered a ‘follower’ of my blog, so my total follower amount is 21 apparently :/

So! Just wanted to take a moment to say a really big THANKYOU to everyone who has followed me, it’s super sappy but it does mean a lot to me that you all are ‘coming along for the ride’ so to speak.

So thankyou!

Also today has been a day of more ‘good things’, I managed to tolerate 80% of the TMS (I’ve been on 75% since I started. The aim is 120% by the end of the 20 treatments! I will write a post explaining more of the actual process because it’s a tad confusing :/) and also I changed my bedsheets (it’s actually a big thing for me) and I’m following my ‘doctor’s orders’ of being outside – as in not just ‘outside my room’ but actually OUTSIDE, with the sun and fresh oxygen and whatnot – and so that’s a good thing too.

Anyway, many thanks again to all of you lovely people!



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