Brainwave: Mania + Sleep

Super attractive lol.

Okay so I have just realised something relating to Bipolar Disorder, specifically mania and the symptom of ‘decreased need to sleep’.

So I have Bipolar II, there are quite a large range of mood disorders that run along a spectrum, which is something not well known. I will go into detail about the differences between type 1 and type 2 Bipolar in another post.

So okay. We have all heard that people with Bipolar who experience mania (or ‘hypomania’ in the case of type 2) have a ‘decreased need for sleep’. I, like a lot of people, thought that that meant the person did not feel tired and was the Energiser Bunny and could stay up for days and not be tired. I have realised, that’s not always the case.

As a person who has not only Bipolar which includes manic episodes, but also a chronic insomniac – not related to any illness, mental or otherwise, it’s a family thing – I am used to nights of little to no sleep.

I take a large dose of Seroquel, melatonin and phenergan to help me sleep. If I don’t take these meds, I just won’t sleep and I will be a wreck the next day.

But I just had a brainwave because I realised I am currently manic and even though I feel ‘tired’ I also don’t feel the need to go to sleep.

It’s not a case of I ‘don’t want to go to sleep’ which I have sometimes if I’ve been having bad nightmares. 

It’s not a case of I ‘can’t sleep’ due to insomnia.

It’s not because I’ve built up a ‘tolerance to my medication’. 

I am tired. Sleep would be nice. But I don’t feel like it. I feel like I could stay up all night, still be tired, but not have any issues and also I would be able to do stuff I’ve been neglecting.

‘Decreased need for sleep’ and ‘feeling tired’ are not mutually exclusive, you CAN have one AND the other at the same time.

Now, pardon me while I go get some attempt at sleeping!


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