My Computer is Broken aka HELP ME

OKAY. So my lovely little MacBook Air has some display issues. She no worky. And I can’t get it looked at/repaired till FRIDAY. Please do not even think about typing the words ‘first world problems’ because I will climb through the screen and wring your neck!

Sorry! I just really hate that phrase. But yes, I’m going to be really really bored due to the lack of interesting things to do in hospital. I still have my phone, I have those weird things that open and have paper and ink in them, I think people call them ‘books’? Actually I do have Jenny Lawson’s newest creation to read which I’m looking forward to but I’m re-reading her last book, ‘Furiously Happy’ and while I know how it ends, I still want to finish it before starting the other one!

And my IG accounts are gonna blow up. Because boredom = funny photos. And I can still (obviously as I’m doing it now) write and post here, but it’s much harder when you’re trying to write a thousand words about your favourite lipstick, using just your right thumb.

I am a member of Audible now, got any audiobook recommendations??

Sigh. I have to go to bed now. Treatment starts again tomorrow.

I will update on my new ink tomorrow.

Catch ya on the flip!


2 thoughts on “My Computer is Broken aka HELP ME

    1. That the purple ‘Airborne Unicorn’ lipstick that broke a little while ago and took ages to find a replacement! It’s actually rubbed off a bit in that (super attractive!) photo, it leaves a pinky stain after it comes off ☺️💄


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