Occupying Space and Wasting Oxygen



So today has been a less than spectacular day.

Wait, that’s bullshit.

Today has been, utter shit.

I was supposed to go see my shrink, but I couldn’t. I told them it was a “menstrual migraine” but in reality it was the Agoraphobia and Social Anxiety who decided to pop into my brain as my alarm went off and I swear I should be charging those bastards rent and utilities!

I had a phone consult with my shrink, and since it was phone and not an actual in person appointment, I had to pay the full fee and don’t get any Medicare reimbursement. FUCK.

This morning, in the brief period of positive action I had, I had a whole post planned out about how it fucking sucks that the money involved in getting the “help” I need is too much, even with insurance and the “free public health care” that Australia has, I still cannot afford the therapy.

I see all these movies and people I know on social media, everyone is “living life”. They’re taking life by the ovaries and actually LIVING their lives. They have jobs, they have families, they have LIVES. And yes, I know that I’m only seeing what they want me to see, and that everyone has bad days and everyone has a different experience etc etc


Excuse me while I pity party.

This is not the post I had originally thought of.



One thought on “Occupying Space and Wasting Oxygen

  1. Thanks hun I thought I was the only who wasn’t living! I don’t have any friends, a proper family or a job or a boyfriend. So you are not alone. Its okay to have an off day- you are strong and soon go back to being your chirpy positive self 🙂 I can’t imagine what its like having a health care system like yours. We are quite lucky here in the UK but I still had to find my own therapist which soon amounts to small fortune. 😦 Stay strong hun xx

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