Blanket Fort v 2.0

This was written about a week ago. Kinda out of date, but eh this is my blog so!

Ok so I built a new fort today. I feel particularly ‘icky’ today. It’s a ‘stay in day’, evidenced by the fact I had a shower (⭐️ for me!) and used conditioner instead of shampoo -_-
I am a nearly 28yo woman. I do not have a job BUT I am still an adult and not a child.

It’s just, sometimes you need a blanket fort, you know? For some reason, things never seem as bad as they really are, when you’re in a blanket fort. Unfortunately though, one must re-enter the “real world” eventually.

And I was able to utilise the combined knowledge of Mr Hippo’s engineering, my previous 6.5yr stint in a hardware chain, and my artistic flair, to build this fort.

I ended up napping in it lols.

Anywho, that’s all this post was about. And I think I was wanting to reassure other adults/”grown ups”, that if you want to build a motherfucking blanket/pillow fort? YOU GO AHEAD AND BUILD IT DAMMIT!! I do not see any issues with forts, even when you’re over the age of 10.

So be reassured my friends, that there is a difference between “childish” and “child-like”. And it’s perfectly okay to be that way.



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