Reporting directly from the trenches: a blanket fort. (Actually this is a more serious post than the title suggests)

So I am currently lying in a blanket fort Mr Hippo just built for me. In true engineer style, there are occy straps, a field hockey stick and a headlamp, that have all been used in the construction of this fabulous structure.

I’ve got my laptop (currently playing a Disney playlist off Spotify)

***** Tiffy, our cat, just launched herself on TOP of the ‘roof’ and landed on me. There was a minor cave in, but with some renovations, the integrity of the structure was maintained. *****

Today has been … well it started off well because I got to go visit my friend Victoria Rose to discuss upcoming tattoos (cover up on my right forearm, left calf Alice piece) and to book in to get my next tatt. I had a belated birthday present for her (a notepad printed by Vistaprint, an EMC, Frida Kahlo pendant and a couple Alice stickers) and she had a little present for me!

After that Mr Hippo and I dropped in on his nan, had coffee and caught up.

This was behind the cubicle door in the ladies bathroom. It’s been popping up everywhere. Far too often.



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