Adventures in Seroquel, Part 1


So anyone who has ever taken Seroquel (aka Quetiapine) will know what this post is about.

So I am a chronic insomniac from way back. I mean, if you take away ALL of my chronic illnesses away – both physical and other – I am still an insomniac. It’s sadly a family trait, my mum and my grandma both suffer from it too.

I have tried all the “sleep hygiene” techniques. No technology (computers/smart phones etc) before bed, no eating directly before bed, warm milk or camomile tea, etc. And I can assure you, NONE OF THEM HELPED. I’ve tried various sleeping tablets, and they didn’t really help all that much. I am now on a regime of medication to help me sleep. It includes seroquel, melatonin and an antihistamine that has sleep side effects and is commonly used (even my psychiatrist uses it!) to help people who have problems sleeping. None of these are addictive which is an important reason I take them.

Anyway, seroquel is a funny medication. It is classed as an “antipsychotic” and is used to treat illnesses like schizophrenia and other psychotic symptoms. BUT that doesn’t mean that you are suffering from “psychotic” illnesses if you’re prescribed it. Honestly, when people hear the class of medication seroquel is, they get freaked out. I think it needs to be re-classified.

If I don’t take my seroquel, I don’t sleep. And even sometimes I still don’t sleep.

Now, for the uninitiated in Seroquel Adventures, it’s pretty … well .. fucked up! Firstly, to me, when the medication starts to work, I feel like I am being pulled under quicksand. And then the fucked up dreams! I dream some weird shit. And it’s even funnier when I am woken up after taking it. When Mr Hippo gets up to go to work of a morning (he starts at 6.30/7am usually) and says goodbye and gives me a kiss, I have been told I’ve said and done some weird stuff:

  • I asked “what’s the deal with the cars with the engines in the back?”
  • Something about a snake/parrot
  • I pretended to be a possum
  • I thought he was in imposter and refused to say “I love you” when he was leaving
  • I woke up with my arm straight up in the air
  • I often wake up and think “where am I?”

That’s only the things I can remember doing at the moment. When I remember more, there will be a second part to this series.




11 thoughts on “Adventures in Seroquel, Part 1

    1. Clean? I am unsure as to what you mean by that. I’m not in the ‘reproductive’ mindset right now, so I haven’t researched the effects my medication may have on any pregnancy I have. But it is definitely something I will look at thoroughly when the time comes. As I said in my post, I take the quetiapine because if I don’t, I simply do not sleep. And I have a VERY addictive personality, so I need to stay away from the addictive sleep aides.


      1. I mean like my body is free from chemicals as you can have problems if you try to carry a baby being on these medications. I’m probably a lot older than you lol x do you take the quetiapine for insomnia or do you mean you don’t sleep if you don’t take it?


      2. Haha I am older than I may look in some of my photos, and older than I act! I take quetiapine for insomnia and as a PRN for anxiety. I take a higher dose for the insomnia than I do for the PRN. The combo of it, the melatonin and the anti-histamine I take at night, is what gets me to sleep. It’s not a “restful” sleep, and I do not wake up feeling refreshed. I still have nightmares. But I at least get to switch off for a few hours.


  1. I too take seroquel ir (otherwise) I don’t sleep and seroquel xr to help combat severe anxiety. Different medications and types of therapy work differently for different people. It just really sucks feeling like a chemical dart board while working out what works for you.

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    1. ABSOLUTELY!! I made the list the other day about all the antidepressants I’ve been on and what effect they had. I had to go over the other side of the page lol. I have tried EVERY antidepressant there is and after the last experience, with Effexor, I am done. I am so sick of the medi-go-round, but unfortunately I am one of those people who do require medication as a part of their recovery and treatment. I tried the XR version of Seroquel, and it gave me the most horrific nightmares I became completely terrified to go to sleep. I was only taking the XR because back then, here anyway, the other form of Seroquel was way too expensive (the amount I was on at the time, which is half of my dose now, was about $200 for 28days supply).

      I hope you find help from the medication! ❤


  2. You have no right to tell me what is ‘borderline criminal’ and what is not. You know minuscule amounts of information about my life, my health and my personal medication regime. If you would like to discuss, as adults not petty children, your experiences and mine with our respective illnesses then please send me an email. I will not tolerate hateful words against myself or my treating team. If you choose to continue to read my blog, which is about my life and my health, please do so. But be warned: I do not tolerate hate-speech. I do not tolerate trolls, I do not tolerate people being destructive to other people’s lives when they could be constructive instead. If you do not agree with my views/life/comments/existence/’borderline criminal’ doctors (and I will say, at the moment I don’t know you at all. And as a result, I’m going to go with what my ‘borderline criminal’ doctors who have been helping me with my illness for longer than this blog has existed – and even longer than that -, because as far as I can tell, they have >8yrs worth of medical education not just in a classroom but in life experiences, than you do)/my face/anything else then PLEASE SEE YOURSELF OUT.


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