No one puts baby in the corner, unless that is her assigned seat for the meeting

So this photo below was taken a few days ago.

This photo above was sadly taken about 15mins ago.

This is what is typically referred to as the ‘I’m tired but because I have a genetic insomnia trait some nights I have trouble sleeping’. You may gaffaw and say I need to do all those annoying ‘sleep hygiene’ shit people tell me to do. Been there, done that, got the tshirt AND the key ring.

When I say ‘genetic insomnia trait’ I mean, passed down the generations of my mother’s family the ‘insomniac gene’ has been prominent. As has been the ‘addictive gene’ but whatevs. So, take away all my various illnesses both physical, mental and whatevs else, and I am STILL A FUCKING INSOMNIAC. It’s nearly 10.30pm, ‘the muse’ struck earlier so I had to CREATE and now I’m too tired to sleep. And YES I am drugged in that photo. I mean, I am drugged in BOTH photos. Just the second is more sleepy time drugs than the other type.

I’m so tired. This makes no sense. Stop saying not to put baby in the corner! Maybe she likes corners! I do! They’re nice and solid.

Kay I stop now.

Ps I’m cray cray in the best way. It’s my new motto. Thinking, TSHIRTS AND STUBBIE HOLDERS.


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