Cray Cray in the Best Way

That is a recent selfie of my and my new best friend, Princess Sapphire Twinkle.

I have an actual post in ‘drafts’ that actually has actual like totes actual crazazy lyk meaningful words and shiz yo no?

I have only a 50% understanding of what I just wrote. But for reals, I DO have an interesting post in the works about whether discussing your mental illness online either with friends/family or strangers can be beneficial or actually detrimental to your recovery.

However, it’s still in ‘drafts’ because, well, I’m currently unable to remember if I closed my curtains or if someone has been in my room and closed them (such a nefarious plot! Going into a patient’s room and CLOSING THE CURTAINS!! Call Scotland Yard! Call the FBI! Call the AFP! This story is worthy of at least a Law & Order episode). So don’t expect that post up this week.

Many kisses,

PST, Elle and her Brain Sludge.


One thought on “Cray Cray in the Best Way

  1. Hi Elle,
    I am a stranger who wanted to write a kind and supportive message however, I am on couch cuddling my teddy with the weight of MD and GAD inside me, instead of at my nephew’s 2nd birthday party (terror of noise chaos and people I don’t know). Sorry I cant find anything hopeful to say – It has taken me 20 mins to get this out! Warm Hug.


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