I’m Sorry, Elle is Unable to take your call right now, please leave chocolate and puppies, but don’t let the puppies eat the chocolate, because that would kill them and dead puppies are very sad. I don’t mean the puppies are sad, because they are dead. I mean it makes others sad.

I have been awake since 5.30am. So of course I ate a Mars Bar at 6am.
(Australian Mars Bars are different to American Mars Bars – and superior in my opinion)


Yes. I did intend to make that post title that long.

I have another post in ‘drafts’ waiting to be finished and published. I do that, I write half of a post and then move to another one. It will be finished. It’s a more in-depth account of my current situation, this is just a brief howdy y’all – BTW, does anyone in the US actually say “y’all”??)

Um so:

  •  I’m in hospital (yay).
  • I’m coming off venlafaxine (Effexor). It caused (suspected) Serotonin Syndrome and I never wanted to be on it in the first place so I’m coming off it. Currently I am on 300mg. I started decreasing over two weeks ago at 600mg.
  • Due to aforementioned drug withdrawal, I’m not completely cognitively “all there”. The best way I can describe it is as my brain has been removed and replaced with a very very dry sponge: I am not referring to hydration, I mean I can’t use it.
  • I can’t even explain to myself how I feel.
  • Brain no worky.
  • I’m having HORRIFIC nightmares of past events.

I can’t even focus on this. Okay I’m going to leave this here and try again later.





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