To Speak of Cats 

Tiffany. Also goes by ‘Tiffy’ &’Citizen Gums’

So those of you who know me even remotely, know I have three furkids and am a proud Ma to all of them, and love talking about them at any and all opportunity. They even have their own Instagram account: @bltpetpics

Today I am going to talk about my beautiful kitty, Tiffy.

*I do not have very much information about her life before being surrendered to the pound. I have been able to get bits and pieces but not a full picture. Also in case you aren’t already aware, we are in Australia*

In January of 2014, a skinny tortieshell adult female cat and her litter-sister were surrendered to the pound in Blacktown, New South Wales. Both cats were under a year old. I don’t know how long their stay at the pound was, but before they were rescued, they were on death row (I found that out last year, it horrifies me).

Furever Animal Rescue were swift and rescued both girls, brought them up to Queensland. An initial vet check discovered that one of the cats, Tiffany, had already given birth to at least one litter of kittens. The circumstance of what happened to them is unknown.

This photo absolutely breaks my heart.

After the A-OK from the vet, the girls were placed in foster homes.

In February of that year, my partner Erin and I were moving in together. And I have followed animal rescue groups here for ages. We were not looking at adopting, we already had Bear who was nearly 14 at the time. But, I’ve wanted to be a cat-ma for a long time, since my last cat Zelda (also a tortie) ran away when we moved in 2008. So the thought was rolling around the back of my mind for awhile.

And then, fate struck.

I was browsing good ol’ FaceBook one day, and I saw this photo:


 It was love at first sight. I contacted the rescue group and arranged a meet-and-greet with her. Erin, well he really didn’t get a choice!

We went and met her, she was a little skittish at first. But after some play time and head scratches, she leapt on Erin and climbed up his arm and stuck her head in his stinky armpit. That was that. So we put down a deposit to secure her adoption, and then we had to wait to find a house to actually move into!

Yes, we adopted a cat before having a house to take her home to!

We got a place, moving went and it was over. Then, we went to pick up our girl!

April 27th 2014, the day we brought her home. Her Gotcha Day is 27th April, as we don’t know her birthday.

On the way home in the car, she meowed a lot and……. she pooped in her carrier! 0_0

She fit into our home like it was meant to be. She did spend a little bit of time atop our kitchen cabinets in the beginning and we helped her learn that lap sits and hugs are fun and safe. She did er…. balloon out a little weight wise. But the vet said she is healthy and her breed, Domestic Shorthair, are usually larger cats.

She has been our princess ever since. I have to go into hospital for treatment sometimes, and she hates me doing that! When I get back, she gives me the silent treatment! But after awhile she forgives me.

She did NOT enjoy what happened next: in October of 2016 we adopted Levi, a Chiweenie puppy (chihuahua x dachshund) from the pound. She got very confused and cranky.

My theory is: Levi was 5mo and still had the “puppy smell”. Tiffy, despite being desexed, had already been a mother and had the instincts and hormones in her system. So when we brought Levi home, she could smell “baby” but he didn’t look or act like a kitten, so she wasn’t sure what to do with him.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 11.38.33 am
Levi is not a morning Chiweenie.

Then I had to go away to hospital for some treatment. I was in over the Christmas/New Year period. I was away for about 6 weeks. I came back and Tiffy was more irritable with me than usual. I think because, she was left alone with it the weird brown wiggly thing we had brought home.

It has only been this last week (it is Thursday 9th March atm), that she has started paying attention to me again. For two possible reasons: 1) She has forgiven me for leaving her with the BWT (Brown Wiggly Thing) OR 2) She can sense that I am very unwell (physically I HATE YOU GALLBLADDER) and she is taking care of me.

Since the weekend just gone (4th & 5th March), during which my gallbladder flared up, she has spent every morning sitting on my stomach or lap for awhile, and making biscuits. She then sits and purrs and sometimes drools a little (it’s a sign of affection!). It actually feels quite nice, and I know that the frequency at which a cat purrs has actually been found to have healing properties (I’m not making this up, seriously). A purr can help reduce the risk of heart attack, help lower fevers, assist strengthening bones and assisting wound healing, to name just a few.

This got me wondering, how does Tiffy see me? I know that a popular idea (both seriously and humorously) is that  cats think of their owners as “servants” or their “mothers” (even if the owner is male). But I started wondering, does Tiffy actually view me as more a kitten than a superior? I haven’t been able to find much information about that online, and the behaviours (kneading the stomach is a “kitten” behaviour, trying to get milk produced by the mother cat etc) have been explained as behaviours a kitten would do to a mother.

And her “hunting” of the very elusive Yarn Balls, to most people seems like the usual “My human does not seem to know how to hunt. I will show them by bringing a fresh kill to them” but I can’t help feeling that it’s more a “You are my kitten, you need to eat, here I brought you food”.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 3.06.18 pm
Woah. She is a prolific hunter.

I mean, I could be all wrong about this, but she doesn’t do these behaviours with Erin all that much. I am the lap sit, stomach biscuits, yarn recipient.

What do fellow cat owners think?



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