What Do I Do All Day? *UPDATE*


Not much really.

This post has absolutely no point, I just wanted to do something that doesnn’t involve dressing up a stuffed duck shaped door stop, named Bernadette.

And yes, that last sentence really did happen.

*UPDATE 25th Feb 7.30pm EST*

I just took to Instagram and posted the following on my personal account:

I am currently in a down swing, my mood has dropped as it often does in the evening. I don’t like night time. Night time is the worst time for me. I am currently bundled in the blankets on the bed, with the lights off but the string of blue fairy lights strung along the bedhead, on. The only noise other than my fingers tapping on my phone screen is the ceiling fan.

Ground Zero. I need a bolt hole. I need a hurricane shelter. A nuclear atomic bomb shelter. The only problem? That hurricane, the nuclear atomic bomb we are hiding from? It’s in my head and I can’t run from it.


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