The Power of Words & Other Stories

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then spoken words are mightier than a pair of fists. Both leave marks, but bones heal, bruises fade, words leave scars that never disappear.

People say that sort of thing about emotional abuse a lot. That emotional abuse can leave deeper scars than the physical abuse. I unfortunately have experienced both. And I can’t tell if it’s true or not. Because memories of the physical experiences still haunt me.

Words hold so much power most people don’t even know. You should never tell someone you love them unless you really, truly mean it. Unless you are both willing to die for them and to live for them. Love is a commitment. Never use that word if you have an inkling of a doubt that one day you may not love them anymore. The heartbreak of losing a loved one to an emotional death, it’s indescribable.

Hate is another strong word, full of anger. It holds more power than any profanity or swear word in the world, in any language.

Telling someone to “fuck off” or “fuck themselves” can hurt in the moment, it can hurt for awhile. But to tell someone that you “hate” them, that’s brutal.

There are so many words in the world, and some are beautiful and some are ugly. The French have words categorised into “female” and “male”. It is a confusing but beautiful language.

Sadly I have never had a head for languages, I’ve tried to learn so many from Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian and German. But none really stuck in my head.

Perhaps I have no room spare because my head is full of bad words about myself. Always be careful how to speak to another person, even one you don’t know, a stranger on the bus or in the street. If you bump into them, even if it was their fault, apologise. You don’t know what is at that moment is swirling through their head and what messy knots may be strangling them in their life. A kind word, a simple smile, some spare change to a street busker or someone down on their luck.

This may seem silly, simple, stupid or you might think “they didn’t do anything for me, why should I do something for them?” or “that person begging for change is just going to spend it on drugs/booze/etc”. And you won’t be alone in those thoughts. It’s sadly far too common in our society for people to expect to receive before they even consider giving.

Love, L’amour, Liebe, Ast, Cinta, Dragoste.

Those are all the word ‘love’ in different languages.

A smile, a hello, a compliment. These cost nothing, but can change a person’s day, possibly their life.

Even if you don’t believe in “karma” or “pay it forward”. But any kind gesture you put out into the world, will come back to you in one way or another, and you may not even notice it until later.

Words have power, use them for good.

Be kind.


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