Things I Don’t Understand

(In no particular order)

1. How people can get up before 7.30am and actually function (breathe, put clothes on, eat, form sentences that actually make sense).

2. People who can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, while you’re lying there waiting for your night meds to kick in to stop your chronic insomnia.

3. Why people avoid carbs. Carbs are made by fairies and unicorns to help us attain a higher plane of existence. EAT THE FUCKING CARBS.

4. Why Americans say ‘mom’ instead of ‘mum’.

5. Why is it so goddamned hard to find a good hair scarf that isn’t one of those ugly bogan ones (bogan is the Australian version of a red neck).

6. Why Nutella isn’t a food group.

7. Why when you order nachos or something and all you get to clean yourself up with afterwards (come on, NO ONE can eat nachos gracefully) is one measly, flimsy napkin.

8. Why a woman can’t love unicorns AND old Hollywood without feeling weird and out of place in the world.

9. Why some people don’t like cats. 

10. Why some people don’t like dogs. 

11. Why some people don’t like both.

12. Why people think that if they have a degree in something, it automatically trumps anyone else’s experiences in said topic.

13. Why if you see someone you were friends with but are no longer, in public, you look directly at them then walk past as if they are invisible.

14. Why is it so fucking hard to make friends?

15. Why a ‘therapy dog’ is not considered an ‘assistance dog’ and given the same privileges as one (speaking in regards to my state and country).

16. Why eating disorders are, generally, considered the only mental illness that has negative physical side effects and can be deadly.

(This list will be added to at a later date)


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