Art Therapy is Rad

So those of you who follow me on Facebook or instagram (and if you don’t, you should. Go. Now. Do it.) will know that I’m actually certifiably bonkers and am stuck in a stupid hospital (though their jelly – ‘jello’ to my American friends – actually tastes like the flavour it’s supposed to be! Like green is actually lime, it doesn’t just taste ‘green’, anyone who has eaten hospital food will know what I mean) for awhile.

My doctor has me writing down a positive attribute about myself everyday (hmm it’s kind of been a bit waylaid the last few days) and he asked me to make a big poster of all the good things for my wall before he gets back from holiday (which is tomorrow). I kind of slacked off about it ha…. anyway. This collage is what I made in art group this afternoon. It’s not finished and not exactly what I meant to make, but it must’ve decided it wanted to be created so out it came!

I had to stop though, my tremor was getting bad. But yeah, this is my latest offering to the Art Gods.

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