Welcome to Hummingbird Pages


So this is my place, my place to be me and to share my awesomeness with everyone else. I had originally intended to be all professional like and such, but then I realised, that’s just not me. And I don’t want to base my art (or whatever you want to call that I do!) on a lie.

It should be noted that I do write about my mental health and my recovery path* and that does entail discussions on some sensitive topics, such as: self harm, suicide, suicide ideation, etc. I rarely use “Trigger Warnings”, I am not really sure why but I am just not a big “fan” of them for me personally at least. But I do not & never will go into detail about methods of self harm, how to hurt yourself, what I have used and what I did. I will discuss consequences of what happened after doing these things though. But if I do, I will put some form of a “hey this is about mental illness. Leave now if you don’t want to read” thing.

Also, I swear. A lot. So a “strong adult language” warning may be required for this blog overall.

So, please come, read, enjoy. I write about a variety of things, personal and not, I like art collaging and craft supplies.

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Peace out llamacorns.

(Ps. I am obsessed with Llamacorns. They are magical. That is all.)

*I hate the phrase “recovery journey”, it’s so … not me. Even “recovery path” isn’t right. But it’s all I have right now.